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How to Talk about Remembering Bad Feelings for a Long Time

When someone does something bad to you, do you remember it for a long time and find it hard to forgive that person? If you do, then you're holding a grudge. Learn all about this phrase means and how to use it in your daily conversations in this lesson.

Do you hold a grudge against Montgomery Burns?
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Read the background notes about the latest clip. When you are ready, listen and watch the clip. Now focus on the target language ? play it a few times and listen carefully to the speaker?s voice. Copy what the speakers say ? listen, pause and repeat after the speaker. Make sure you use the sentence somehow, somewhere in the next day or two. Come back to imimic and post a comment telling us when and where you used the sentence.

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How to Talk about Remembering Bad Feelings for a Long Time
Do you hold a grudge against Montgomery Burns? 
A "grudge" (noun) is a strong feeling of dislike and anger that lasts a long time. To hold a grudge against someone means to dislike them and feel angry at them for a long time because they treated yo ...   more
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How to Say You're not Enjoying Life and Feel Stuck in your Own Ways
Honey! Are we in a rut? 
Honey! Are we stuck/too fixed in our own ways?
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An idiom to describe getting married
Megan and Brian tied the knot in Hawaii. 
The idiom "to tie the knot" means "to get married". It's often used in positive and negative sentences as well as questions, for example: "They're going to tie the knot in Canada next year". "She's ...   more
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How to say you really don't know
I have absolutely no idea.  
This is a very common phrase that means "I really do not know". People also say "I have no idea" or use the phrase as a question "Do you have any idea about X?" e.g. "Do you have any idea about the an ...   more
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