Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Back in 2009 I started tinkering with the idea of building a website that teaches English through Youtube clips and www.imimic.net was born. I started loading it with lessons. It was a lot of fun and seeing more students joining in gave me such a buzz :) But unfortunately, the work involved became too much and I gradually lost momentum and eventually stopped adding new lessons :(

In the middle of 2011 however, I got together with Heather, a good friend of mine with years of experience as a teacher of English and a CELTA teacher trainer. I told Heather about 'imimic'. She got excited and we both decided to take it off the shelf, dust it off, and pick up where I left off.

The idea of the website is simple. Everyday we find a clip on Youtube and we choose a quote from that clip to present to users (i.e. students). We highlight its context, level, grammar, language function and a few more things. We then encourage students to study it in its context, mimic it and make sure to use it soon and often. A side functionality is enabling students to talk to each other as well as the teacher(s) on the website in the hope that this will allow for a community of learning which itself could be place for natural use of the language (e.g. commenting on clips/quotes, messaging one another etc.) 

We believe that by learning a new, authentic, currently-used English utterance and its context on a regular basis a learner will rapidly develop more authentic speaking and aural comprehension skills.

This happens because:

    • the language is authentic i.e. regularly used by competent English language users

    • unlimited repetitions of the language are possible; the learner is in control of the number and timing of repetitions

    • the language is visually presented, which is more motivating and natural than an audio only presentation

    • the contexts are meaningful and therefore increase the memorability of the utterance 

    • this meaningful contexts act as a trigger for learners to recall utterances at a later time

    • the language is self selected by the learner and therefore is personally relevant and thus more likely to be internalised

    • the learning process is self-driven and self-directed

    • the learning is flexible; resources are available 24/7

    • learner-learner interaction and learner-tutor interaction are possible, which creates a community of like-minded individuals striving for a common goal and supporting each other in their learning. The community interacts in English and about English, creating opportunities for recycling of newly learnt language





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