Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Read the background notes about the latest clip. Understand the situation of the clip Ė for example, is it a formal situation, or a friendly chat between people who know each other? You need to understand this so that you know how to use the language in the clip. You donít want to use friendly, informal English when you are negotiating a business deal! Now read about the target language and think about the meaning. Have you heard or read this type of language before? Do you have this same expression in your own language? When you are ready, listen and watch the clip.


Now focus on the target language Ė play it a few times and listen carefully to the speakerís voice. Does the speakerís voice sound louder and stronger sometimes, and quieter and weaker at other times? This is called sentence stress. Does the speaker pause sometimes? This is the natural rhythm of English. And does their voice go up and down in tone while they speak? This is intonation. Listen and notice the stress, rhythm and intonation patterns of the speaker. Now copy what the speakers say Ė listen, pause and repeat after the speaker. Do this a few more times, while you build your confidence! Then, look away from your screen and say the target sentence a few times to yourself, out loud. Then get up and walk around and keep repeating the sentence. Repeat it and repeat it and repeat it some more! Go back to the video clip and repeat it after the speaker one more time. Notice the speakerís stress, rhythm and intonation patterns again. Do they sound the same as yours?


Think about when you can use this sentence in your everyday life. If itís a sentence from a conversation about families, can you use it when you are having lunch with one of your colleagues? Plan a person and a situation when you could use this sentence. Make sure you use it somehow, somewhere in the next day or two. Come back to imimic and post a comment telling us when and where you used the sentence. Now move on to the next sentence! Youíre learning real English that you can use in your real life!













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